The following nominees were inducted into the Omaha Hospitality Hall of Fame on October 23rd, 2022;
Dave P. Dougherty, Senator Bob Kerrey, Jim Partington, Chef Michael R. Rhoades, and Joe Thallas.

Membership in the Hall of Fame is by nomination only, using criteria established by the Hall of Fame Board of Directors.

To be nominated, candidates or their representative, must submit a complete official OHHOF  candidate Hall of Fame resume form. Once this form is completed and returned, the Admittance Committee will then consider the application.  The Admissions Committee is made up of past inductees who serve on a three year rotation. The committee consists of 7-9 members.

Membership in the Hall of Fame will consist of those that have been actively engaged in the hospitality profession for a substantial number of years, as well as their professional record and their contributions to the Omaha Area community. The Hall of Fame is considered an honor society and membership requires the utmost integrity.  Membership in the Hall of Fame may not be used for personal profit or aggrandizement of the individual, nor may any member exploit the HOF except for the benefit and profit of the HOF.

The Hall of Fame and its inductees are obligated to work toward good public relations for the Hall of Fame.