I know many of you have been wondering when we will be open to the public. The Governor just announced May 4th is the date for most areas which applies to almost all of you! There are a lot of sanitation practices coming our way very soon and are crucial to you operating your business.

Right now we are opening at 50% capacity with groups no larger than 6. People cannot gather at your bar but can consume alcohol if they are dining.

When reaching out to your employees, be sure to let them know you are obligated to report anyone that refuses to return to work and they will lose their unemployment benefits.

Good luck to all of you getting your staff back, retraining “the Covid Way” and getting all your necessary products in.

I am in no way suggesting how you run your business but I have had many people say they are opening with a limited menu. I thought I would share!

Thank you everyone!


Please read below!

Below are four links for the reopening of Dining Rooms in specific areas in Nebraska beginning May 4 as just announced by the Governor. I got the call as the press conference began. We’ve been working together fairly non-stop for the past two weeks on guidelines.


Local Health Department Map for use in determining if you are included in the May 4-May 31 modified DHM:
Unofficial DHM which will be finalized Monday, April 27, 2020:
Nebraska Restaurant Association Guidance Document:
National Restaurant Association Guidance Document:
Counties in green are allowed to open restaurant dining rooms. Counties in grey are not.
For more information from the National Restaurant Association click here.