The link that follows will connect you to the modified DHM restrictions and guidelines, our Nebraska Promise and guidance documents.

Some things to understand:


  1. You must post the Restaurant In-Room Dining Reopening Guidelines at the front of your restaurant.


  1. We would appreciate you posting the Nebraska Promise with the Guidelines (which would be three pages total posted).


  1. DHM requirements have the force of law, guidelines do not. i.e., all staff wearing masks is a guideline – an important one but one that may not be practical for those in the kitchen where the temps are much higher. I’ve heard from many of you. I understand how difficult wearing a mask and glasses or contacts would be when grilling or working over a stove top or near ovens. Please use your very best judgement. Again, this is a guideline and not a requirement.


  1. Make sure the space between where people are seated is 6 feet in distance. I have no doubt you will be challenged on this if my email is any indication.


  1. Perception can become reality and there are many self-proclaimed experts that will, most likely challenge on all the guidelines. Please make sure your managers are fully versed in the documents.

Thanks for all you do! We’re all in this together.